Review: Constance Lemuria

Published October 2019

Constance Lemuria is a 5-star luxury hotel located northwest on the island of Praslin in Seychelles. The main reason we chose to stay at this hotel is the beaches located inside the resort — both Petite Anse Kerlan and Anse Georgette are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Seychelles.

Constance Lemuria Petit Anse Kerlan

Welcome and check-in

Our stay started in the best possible way with a spectacular welcome. As we approached the entrance, a powerful gong sounded, and at the same moment, two big wooden doors opened. The sight that met us took our breath away.

Constance Lemuria Pool

The check-in process was a bit of a long-winded affair, but we appreciated being offered welcome drinks and snacks while we waited. We could choose anything we wanted, from juice to champagne. We went for the freshly squeezed juice which tasted delicious.

We were given a thorough introduction to the facilities of the hotel and advised to book a table in one of the restaurants for dinner due to a high level of occupancy. As a gesture, the hotel had already booked a table for us that night in the seafood restaurant The Nest. Since we were a little tired, we replied that we preferred to order room service for our first night. This, unfortunately, didn’t seem to go over well with the receptionist who checked us in. As we tried to politely refuse the offer, the atmosphere became somewhat cold.

The room

After completing the formalities, we were escorted to our room. The receptionist told us that guests were usually driven in golf cars, but that these were not available at the moment. Walking was fine with us, but having to do this is something we have never experienced before in hotels of this caliber.

Constance Lemuria room

Our luggage was already in place when we arrived in the room. We were not shown around the facilities, but we quickly forgot this oversight when we looked around at what was to be our home for the next few days.

The junior suite we had booked was only a short stroll away from the ocean. The sea was actually so close that we constantly heard the sound of the waves hitting the beach. In addition, a tropical soundtrack from the turned-on TV helped to set the tone. The room was also decorated with lovely flowers, and a small pot of fragrant oil gave the room a pleasant scent.

Constance Lemuria junior suite
Constance Lemuria junior suite overview

As a welcome greeting, the hotel had prepared a platter of cookies and a bottle of wine. However, since we did not know if the wine was complimentary, we left it unopened.

Constance Lemuria review welcome gift

The junior suite was furnished with a king-size bed, desk and sitting area. The bed was firmer than we prefer, but when we mentioned this later to the hotel staff, we were immediately offered a softer top mattress.

Constance Lemuria review bed

The air conditioner was both efficient and well-functioning, which was a blessing in the hot and humid weather. In addition, the room had a ceiling fan.

Other amenities were a Nespresso coffee machine and an electric kettle, with a good selection of teas and coffees. We also appreciated that free bottled water was provided daily. The minibar had a varied selection and drinks and snacks, but the contents were, as expected, expensive.

The wireless internet worked very well and was noticeably faster than at the sister hotel Constance Ephelia on Mahé, where we had stayed prior.

The bathroom was, in our opinion, the best part of the room. It had a partially open layout into the main room but separate enclosures for the shower and toilet. The bathtub had windows on the side that could be opened into the living room, so that it was possible to watch TV while relaxing in the bathub. A nice touch was that a jar of bath salts was placed next to it. The bathroom amenities were from the hotel’s own brand. Soft bathrobes and slippers were also provided.

Constance Lemuria review bathroom
Constance Lemuria review bathroom amenities

Food and drink

Breakfast was included in our stay and served in The Legend restaurant. The fruit bar was the first sight that met us upon entry. We have never seen a more extensive selection of fruit in any breakfast buffet, and the section was colorfully decorated with tropical flowers. We feasted here every day and exchanged a few pleasantries with the friendly man who was constantly cutting delicious fruit into delicate pieces.

Constance Lemuria breakfast buffet fruit

The rest of the buffet contained what one would expect from a breakfast buffet plus some more, and the hot dishes included all the items for a full English breakfast. Chefs stood ready to cook eggs in any way guests would request. In addition to western dishes, there was also an eastern selection including fried rice and soups. The buffet also had gluten-free bread and pastries, and a self-serve champagne bar.

We enjoyed the breakfast and were especially impressed with the delicious chia pudding with coconut flavor and the rich barista-made coffee.

Constance Lemuria review breakfast

All in all, Constance Lemuria served a solid breakfast. However, we wish that the hotel had done more to protect the food from birds that were more than happy to join in for the feast. We experienced birds as a general problem during the breakfast buffets in Seychelles and could not quite get used to them pecking on dishes and plates.

The Legend restaurant also served dinner, and we ate there one evening when there was an Asian-themed buffet. The wide selection impressed us, but the flavors were a bit blander than expected. Our favorite part of the buffet was the dessert section with an ice cream counter.

Constance Lemuria The Legend restaurant
Constance Lemuria The Legend Restaurant

Constance Lemuria also has two other restaurants, The Nest and Diva, which we did not try during our stay.

We did, however, have a drink in the cozy lobby bar one of the evenings. There was live music, and the local artist playing the guitar and singing had a lovely voice. It was a shame that only a handful of guests were there to listen to it.

Drinks were also served at the pool and on the beach. These were tasty but expensive, like everything else at the resort.

Constance Lemuria Bar and Pool

Room service was actually our preferred dining option during our stay. The staff who brought us the food were very friendly, and we enjoyed the tasty comfort food.

Constance Lemuria Room Service

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Facilities and activities

Constance Lemuria is a large resort with countless activities on offer. The most obvious one is golf, as the resort is surrounded by the only 18-hole golf course in Seychelles. We do not play golf ourselves but still took a tour to look at the course. A couple of holes have such a spectacular location that even not being golf enthusiasts, we were tempted to play a round here!

Constance Lemuria golf course

Other activities included tennis, scuba diving and various water sports. The resort also has a medium-sized and well-equipped gym as well as free bicycle rental. We did borrow bikes one day and had a great experience exploring Praslin on two wheels.

Constance Lemuria gym

After a drenching bike ride, we decided to check out the spa which has free admission during the daytime. Unfortunately, the wet area was a great disappointment, and did not match the stylish surroundings of the resort. It was refreshing to have a quick dip in the cold plunge pool, but we did not stay long.

The main pool in the resort, on the other hand, was gorgeous. The pool, or rather pools, were beautifully built into the terrain over three levels. The different levels made it never feel crowded. Unfortunately, it was not always possible to find available sunbeds around the pool since some guests occupied them with towels for hours without using them. We would have liked to see the hotel take some steps to prevent so many sunbeds from being left unused throughout the day.

Constance Lemuria review pool

Fortunately, at the Petit Anse Kerlan beach we had no problems in finding available sunbeds. This beach is said to be one of the most beautiful in Seychelles and it was particularly so in the sunset. One evening, the sky took on the most startling colors we have ever seen.

Constance Lemuria review sunset

The beach in front of our room was nice to walk along, but not suitable for swimming when we were there due to waves and seaweed. This might, however, be different at other times of the year.

One of the greatest assets of the resort is Anse Georgette beach, located approx. 20 minutes on foot from the hotel. For those who did not want to walk, the hotel had a free shuttle bus which ran approx. once an hour. Anse Georgette is a public beach, but due to its location inside the resort, only a limited number of non-resident guests are allowed to visit it per day. With bright green palm trees and blue sea, the beach is a real paradise.

Constance Lemuria Anse Georgette beach

Service and value for money

The service at Constance Lemuria varied greatly. The vast majority of the staff were friendly, but we definitely felt that the general level of service was missing the little extra we expect at this price. With room rates starting at $ 1000 per night, we believe that the service should have been significantly better.

As mentioned earlier, we had a slightly unpleasant experience during check-in. Another thing that surprised us was that on several occasions our room was not cleaned despite us having been out for hours. Furthermore, the tray from the room service dinner was left outside our room for almost 24 hours despite us asking for it to be picked up several times. None of these things are the downfall of the world, but we still expect more at this price.

One of the evenings the management team invited guests to a cocktail party. When asked about how we were enjoying our stay, we gave an honest answer. Despite our stated disappointment, the hotel didn’t make any effort to remedy this throughout the rest of our stay.

In summary, we felt we paid a disproportionately high amount for a stay with average service. The cleaners and servers were definitely the most forthcoming, while the receptionists and management seemed little interested in how we were doing.

Practical information og tips:

  • To get to Praslin you can go by either plane or boat from Mahé. Since sea conditions have a reputation for being rough, we chose to fly. The flight with Air Seychelles took 15-20 minutes, and cost 150 USD return trip. Click here to read our review of the trip.
  • Constance Lemuria is a 5-10 minute drive from Praslin airport. We pre-booked airport transfer with Donster Services and were met by a friendly driver at the agreed time. The price, 16 USD, was less than half of what the hotel quoted for their shuttle. Link to Donster Services.
  • The beaches at Praslin have seaweed at certain times during the year, so it is advisable to check carefully on the local conditions before booking a trip here.
  • Constance Lemuria has a strict dress code in the restaurants during dinner. For more information click HERE
  • The price level in Seychelles is high and you should expect to pay a premium for food and drinks. A budget tip is to shop for drinks and snacks at a local grocery store. We found several shops approx. 10 minutes by bike from the resort.

Link to Constance Lemuria

Constance Lemuria Praslin supermarket

Don’t miss:

-A bike ride around Praslin.
-The sunset on the Petite Anse Kerlan beach.

Constance Lemuria sunset


Constance Lemuria is without a doubt a resort with great facilities, a beautiful location and comfortable rooms. Although we liked the hotel, we unfortunately found our stay somewhat disappointing given the excessive price tag.

Our favorite hotel during our stay in Seychelles cost approx. half as much per night, but the service there exceeded Constance Lemuria by a very good margin. Click here to read more about the best hotel we visited in Seychelles.

*We visited Constance Lemuria in April 2019. The hotel was unaware that they could be featured on our blog and we did not receive any special discounts.