Self-cut is well-cut! A Christmas Visit to Rolstad Farm

Last updated November 2023

Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut field

Self-cut is well-cut… or at least that was our hope when we headed for Rolstad farm in Akershus county just before Christmas. In search of the Christmas-feeling, we had found out that the farm offered horse and carriage rides, as well as the opportunity to cut your own Christmas tree. We thought this sounded like the perfect holiday season activity.

Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut field

The weather was completely on our side as we turned into the courtyard. Millions of snow crystals covering the farmlands were sparkling in the sun, and the air was cold and crisp. We could see a burning fire in the farmyard and there was a horse dressed as Santa Claus with a carriage waiting for us to jump in. The beautiful horse even had sleigh bells attached to its harness. Everything felt like a scene from a Christmas movie. With no time to waste, we got in the carriage and rolled off into the winter wonderland accompanied by the sleigh bells’ cheerful ring.

Rollstad farm christmas tree horse ride sleigh bells
Rollstad farm christmas tree horse ride sleigh bells

After the ride, which we would have loved to enjoy for even longer, we were dropped off at the Christmas tree field. Here we could choose among Subalpine Fir, Serbian Spruce, and traditional Norwegian Spruce. We thoroughly inspected virtually all the trees on the farm before finally selecting one of the Subalpine Firs. A quick session with the saw later the tree was ready for the packing machine, and then we wedged it into our small car.

Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut field
Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut field sunshine

Before saying goodbye, we visited the brewery house. It was built 300 years ago and is the oldest building on Rolstad farm. Here the owners arrange cooking classes in bread- and pizza-making, and everything is baked in a wood-burning stone oven. Stone oven baked bread is also made for sale but was unfortunately sold out when we arrived towards the end of the day. Luckily, both waffles and buns were still available, and we feasted on the baked goods in the heat of the fireplace.

Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut brewery house

While enjoying the treats, we were joined by other tree cutters. We were thrilled to hear that guests from both France and the US were visiting. The friendly hostess, Anne Kristin Rolstad, told us that some families have been cutting their Christmas tree at Rolstad every year for 20 years. We can’t think of a more cozy Christmas tradition!

Rollstad Farm christmas tree self cut horse sleigh carriage

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Practical information for planning a visit to Rolstad farm:

  • Rolstad farm is located a 1-hour drive northeast of Oslo.
  • In 2023, you can cut your own Christmas tree at Rolstad farm on December 10th and December 17th.
  • The price for a Norwegian Spruce is NOK 400-500, a Sulalpine Fir is NOK 500-700.
  • The carriage ride is NOK 580 for a family (max five people) and must be pre-booked.

Link to Rolstad farm

Rollstad farm christmas tree self cut frosty winter norway horse
*We visited Rolstad farm in December 2017 and December 2018. Rolstad farm did not know that they could be featured on our blog, and we did not receive any special discounts.