Review: Villa Copenhagen

Last updated February 2024

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Copenhagen has a handful of 5-star hotels, and one of the newest is Villa Copenhagen. The hotel opened its doors in the summer of 2020, in what was previously Denmark’s main post office. According to the hotel’s website, Villa Copenhagen focuses on sustainable luxury with innovative and informal services tailored to each individual guest.

We visited Villa Copenhagen for the first time in October 2021. In September 2022 we went back to Copenhagen and checked in again at the former post office. Our review of the hotel is therefore based on two stays, and we updated some of the points in our original blog post.

Villa Copenhagen exterior
Villa Copenhagen exterior

Villa Copenhagen: Location

Villa Copenhagen has an unbeatable location next to the Central Station and the Tivoli amusement park. By train it only takes a few minutes from the airport, and you can walk to most of Copenhagen’s attractions from the hotel.

View of Villa Copenhagen from inside Tivoli amusement park
Villa Copenhagen seen from the Tivoli amusement park

Villa Copenhagen: First impressions and welcome

We arrived at Villa Copenhagen by train from Kastrup Airport and were immediately impressed by the grand building right next to the train station.

Villa Copenhagen facade
Villa Copenhagen façade

Our great first impression was confirmed when we entered the lobby. The airy room with generous ceiling height was beautiful, stylish, and modern designed.

Villa Copenhagen lobby
Villa Copenhagen lobby bar and reception area
Villa Copenhagen lobby
Lobby bar

The reception was staffed by a friendly employee. The check-in process was more on the efficient side than thorough and informative, and we would have appreciated a little more information about the hotel and its facilities.

Since Villa Copenhagen focuses on informal service, there were no bellmen offering to help with luggage. We had no problem taking care of our luggage ourselves, but some guests might expect this service when checking into a 5-star hotel.

Villa Copenhagen: Superior Plus King room

Villa Copenhagen has a variety of different room categories. We had booked a superior room but were upgraded to a superior plus king room. According to the description, this room had a little extra space compared to a regular superior room, but it was still relatively compact.

Villa Copenhagen superior plus king room
Villa Copenhagen superior plus king room
Villa Copenhagen room layout
Superior plus king room

However, the comfort of the room was impeccable. The king size bed was one of the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in, and we would have gladly taken it home with us if we could. In front of the bed was a large TV, and using the remote control we found most of the hotel information we did not get during check-in.

Villa Copenhagen view from bed
Superior plus king room

Furthermore, the room was furnished with a sitting area consisting of a table and two chairs, a bench, and a multifunctional piece of furniture that housed the minibar.

Villa Copenhagen sitting area
Superior plus king room seating area
Villa Copenhagen minibar
Superior plus king room mini bar

The minibar had a good selection, and we thought the prices were quite fair.

Villa Copenhagen minibar selection
Superior plus king room mini bar content 2021

The air conditioning and the internet worked well without any problems. The coffee machine had coffee pads from Illy, and we found a kettle in the drawer along with the safe. Other amenities we also appreciated were the umbrella, steamer, and fluffy bathrobes. Last but not least, the cleanliness of the room was impeccable.

Villa Copenhagen room amenities
Superior plus king room amenities
Villa Copenhagen steamer
Superior plus king room amenities
Villa Copenhagen bathrobes
Superior plus king room amenities

The bathroom, like the rest of the room, was not very large, but the fantastic rainfall shower made up for that. The bathroom products added a great finishing touch with their wonderful forest scent.

Villa Copenhagen bathroom layout
Superior plus king room bathroom
Villa Copenhagen rainfall shower
Superior plus king room shower

Update as of October 2022:

Villa Copenhagen: Deluxe room

This time we stayed in a deluxe room. The room was furnished with the same stylish interior as the superior room we had stayed in the year before and had most of the same facilities. What distinguishes the room types from each other the most is their size. While the superior room was on the compact side, the deluxe one was more spacious. Based on availability, we had been allocated a disability-adapted room. This room probably differs somewhat from the other deluxe rooms.

Villa Copenhagen deluxe room
Villa Copenhagen deluxe room
Deluxe room
Villa Copenhagen deluxe room
Deluxe room

Another thing to note is that the soundproofing between the hallway was not optimal. The sound of doors slamming was loud, and we wish the hotel would find a way to reduce this noise. The wireless internet was also slow, which meant that we constantly had to resort to our mobile network instead. This became a recurring nuisance. The poor internet connection together with the lack of an office desk made the room less than ideal for a remote office. One last thing to mention was that the prices of the contents of the minibar had increased since our last visit. Especially mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks had become significantly more expensive.

Villa Copenhagen Deluxe room mini bar menu 2022
Deluxe room mini bar menu 2022

The bathroom was definitely the most positive thing about the room. There were two washbasins, plenty of bench space, a rain shower and, not least, a huge bathtub. In contrast to the relatively small bathroom in the superior room, the deluxe room’s bathroom was extra-large and inspired relaxation. An additional plus was that you could heat towels (and dry swimwear) on the towel warmer located next to the bath.

Villa Copenhagen deluxe room bathroom
Deluxe room bathroom
Villa Copenhagen deluxe room bathroom
Deluxe room bathroom

The only thing we felt was missing in the bathroom was more toiletries. Upgraded rooms at premium hotels often come with a wider selection of bathroom products, but this was not the case at Villa Copenhagen. Here there was neither a toothbrush nor shaving supplies, which you would normally find in 5-star hotels. We would also have liked to find bath salts or bubble bath for use in the bathtub.

Villa Copenhagen deluxe room toiletries
Deluxe room toiletries

Villa Copenhagen: Breakfast

While our room at Villa Copenhagen felt like a restful oasis we did not want to leave, the breakfast room unfortunately had quite a different environment.

For infection control reasons, we were asked to book a time slot for breakfast. We were therefore surprised to find the breakfast room teeming with life and far more guests than we had expected. We had been looking forward to enjoying a relaxing breakfast, but that didn’t happen. Villa Copenhagen has a total of 390 rooms, and the breakfast room seems to be dimensioned based on the large number of guests who can stay at the hotel at the same time.

Villa Copenhagen breakfast room (picture taken after breakfast service was finished)
Villa Copenhagen breakfast room (picture taken after breakfast was finished)

The large room gave us a canteen feeling that we do not think fits in with the gorgeous design of the rest of the hotel. With so many people gathered there, breakfast was a chaotic start to the day. It also did not help that the employees struggled to keep the dishes filled with food the first day. However, this was far better the second day of our stay.

As for the food itself, it was of high quality, but we felt the selection was somewhat narrow. The most common dishes at a hotel buffet were there, but we would have liked to see some slightly more exciting elements included in the offerings.

Villa Copenhagen breakfast selection
Breakfast buffet 2021
Villa Copenhagen breakfast selection
Breakfast buffet 2021

The most positive thing about the breakfast was without a doubt the baked goods from Rug — the hotel’s own bakery. The scrumptious pastry with poppy seeds still makes our mouths water when we think about it. The coffee and juice also tasted very good.

Villa Copenhagen pastries from Rug bakery
Breakfast buffet 2021

Update as of October 2022:

After a somewhat disappointing breakfast experience last year, we were excited to see if the breakfast would leave a better impression this time. In advance of our stay, we received an e-mail where we were encouraged to book a time for breakfast. This surprised us since most hotels have stopped this practice related to infection prevention. Since we like to go at our own pace when we travel, we weren’t particularly thrilled about having to show up for breakfast at a specific time.

Fortunately, the breakfast was a better experience than during our first visit. Fewer people, and thus a far calmer atmosphere, laid a good foundation for being able to relax and enjoy the food. In addition, the selection in the buffet was somewhat more extended, especially when it came to the baked goods. The taste was still absolutely heavenly.

Villa Copenhagen breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet 2022
Villa Copenhagen breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet 2022

Another change we appreciated was that it was now possible to order omelets from an omelet chef. However, we wished there was a more varied selection of fruit, and preferably some berries.

Villa Copenhagen breakfast omelet
Made to order omelet

Villa Copenhagen: Courtyard Bar

The lobby bar at Villa Copenhagen, called the Courtyard Bar, serves a variety of light snacks and meals. We ordered grilled panini and triple cooked fries, and thought the simple meal was tasty.

Villa Copenhagen lobby bar
Villa Copenhagen Courtyard Bar
Villa Copenhagen lobby bar menu
Courtyard Bar menu 2021
Villa Copenhagen lobby bar meal
Courtyard Bar grilled panini

Update as of October 2022:

As previously mentioned, we had intended to order room service, but since our room only had one chair, we chose instead to have a quick bite in the Courtyard Bar. With the new menu in place, our choice fell on a dish made of summer tomatoes, rye bread with butter and olive oil, and a hamburger. The burger tasted okay but was a bit lacking in both presentation and flavor. The tomato dish, on the other hand, was a delight for both the palate and the eyes.

Villa Copenhagen lobby bar hamburger
Courtyard Bar hamburger
Villa Copenhagen lobby bar tomato dish
Courtyard Bar tomato dish

For dessert we ordered chocolate mousse. This was nicely arranged and tasted good, but the texture was more like a cake than a mousse. All in all, the meal was a little unevenly delivered, but decent enough given the reasonable price.

Villa Copenhagen lobby bar chocolate mousse
Courtyard Bar chocolate mousse

Villa Copenhagen: Kontrast and T37

Kontrast is Villa Copenhagen’s brasserie. As the name suggests, it focuses on contrasts. The menu includes sustainable meat and fish, produced by local farmers. In addition, they have a zero waste philosophy.

Villa Copenhagen Kontrast restaurant entrance
Villa Copenhagen Kontrast brasserie

Villa Copenhagen also has a wine and cocktail bar called T37. Like Kontrast, T37 also serves sustainable and locally sourced produce.

Unfortunately, we did not get to test either Kontrast or T37 but we hope to be able to visit both during our next visit to Copenhagen.

Update as of October 2022:

Villa Copenhagen: Executive lounge

After our last visit, Villa Copenhagen has opened a new executive lounge. This is located in T37 and is open on weekdays (the T37 cocktail bar is therefore only open on weekends). The lounge offers breakfast as well as snacks and refreshments throughout the day. To gain access to the executive lounge, you must either book a suite or a junior suite, or purchase entry as an addition to the room price.

Villa Copenhagen: Swimming pool and sauna

One of Villa Copenhagen’s greatest amenities is the swimming pool. It is 25 meters long and heated throughout the year. The heating is sustainable, using the excess heat from the air conditioning in the hotel.

Villa Copenhagen swimming pool and garden
Villa Copenhagen swimming pool

To use the swimming pool and pool area, you must reserve time in advance. 60 minutes are included for free for each night you stay at the hotel. If you want to book additional time, this costs (at the time of writing) 95 DKK per half hour. Access to the sauna is included with the swimming pool.

Villa Copenhagen swimming pool and pool area
Swimming pool area

We did not find it very tempting to go for a swim when we visited Villa Copenhagen in October, but despite the chilly weather, the pool attracted many guests throughout the day. It is therefore advisable to reserve time well in advance if you want to take advantage of the opportunity for a dip during your stay.

Update as of October 2022:

The weather was much warmer when we visited Copenhagen in September, and this time swimming and enjoying a drink alongside the pool was very tempting. We visited the pool area for the first time in the afternoon and enjoyed delicious drinks made by the very nice bar staff.

Villa Copenhagen outdoor bar area
Villa Copenhagen outdoor bar area

To use the swimming pool and sauna, we still had to book ahead. We chose a time slot late in the evening and were then lucky enough to have the pool to ourselves.

Villa Copenhagen swimming pool
Swimming pool

Villa Copenhagen: Fitness room

The fitness room at Villa Copenhagen is not particularly large considering the size of the hotel. Guests can train for free and do not need to book in advance. Despite this, the gym was never full the times we stopped by. The equipment was of high quality and consisted of a variety of cardio machines and free weights.

Villa Copenhagen fitness room
Villa Copenhagen fitness room
Villa Copenhagen free weights
Fitness room

Villa Copenhagen: Service

As mentioned at the start of this review, Villa Copenhagen describes itself as an innovative hotel with informal and tailored service. The question is, do they live up to their own marketing?

Unfortunately, we experienced very little tailored service. All staff members we spoke with were pleasant and nice, but the service was definitely more efficient than personal. Since the hotel has close to 400 rooms, this may come at no great surprise. Considering that the hotel has 5 stars, we still think that it should strive to offer a slightly more premium customer experience.

Instead, the front desk seemed chronically understaffed, and there was almost always a queue of guests waiting to check in or out. When we arrived at the hotel, the check-in went quickly and smoothly, but when we wanted to check out, there were so many people in line that we chose to use the self-service solution that was available in the lobby. Luckily this worked fine.

Villa Copenhagen wooden key cards
Villa Copenhagen wooden key cards

Worse, however, was that the hotel was difficult, or rather impossible, to get in touch with via both e-mail and SMS. We had sent an inquiry by e-mail well in advance of our stay, but we never received a reply. Nor was the SMS we sent through the hotel’s messaging service during our stay answered. We don’t think this is good enough for a hotel in the luxury segment.

Update as of October 2022:

We were not impressed with the service at Villa Copenhagen in 2021, and unfortunately the hotel also did not deliver as expected in this area the following year. Again, the reception was understaffed on several occasions, which led to long waiting times if guests needed help. We tried to settle the bill for the stay a few hours before check-out to avoid any queues. However, this was not possible according to the receptionist. Here we suspect that a slight lack of training was the reason for the answer we received — we have never experienced this being a problem at other hotels.

At check-out, it took 15-20 minutes before we were helped. That perhaps explains why Villa Copenhagen has placed seat cushions across from the reception desks.

When it was finally our turn, the receptionist seemed tired and overwhelmed by her job, and we were not asked any questions about our stay. The check out was concluded with an “OK,” which apparently meant that the stay was paid for and that we could leave. Maybe the receptionist was simply trying to be efficient, but we would have appreciated a somewhat more friendly farewell.

Villa Copenhagen seat cushions across from the reception desks
Seat cushions across from the reception desks


Having stayed at Villa Copenhagen, we have some mixed feelings. We fell in love with the gorgeous and stylish interior of the hotel, and not least the very comfortable room. Furthermore, the location and facilities are very good. Not many city hotels boast an outdoor swimming pool, and in the summer it must be wonderful to enjoy a few lazy hours on Villa Copenhagen’s terrace.

We still believe that the hotel has potential for improvement, especially when it comes to breakfast and service. The breakfast room could use some redecorating and we would like to see the buffet offer a wider selection of food. More importantly, the front desk should be better staffed so that guests can get faster help with check-in and check-out as well as answers to e-mails and SMS.

That said, we will definitely return to Villa Copenhagen. When we do, we’re crossing our fingers for an experience that corresponds even more with the relatively high price level. Today we think that the hotel deserves 4.5 of its 5 stars, during our next visit we hope to be able to agree with all 5 stars.

Update as of October 2022:

We really wish we could give the stylish Villa Copenhagen a top rating, but unfortunately we don’t see them deserving their 5 stars this time either. Lackluster service, poorly soundproofed rooms with failing internet, and the fact that we think the hotel lacks “that little something extra” meant that we once again went home from Copenhagen with the feeling that the hotel is not reaching its full potential.

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*We stayed at Villa Copenhagen in October 2021 and in September 2022. The hotel did not know that they could be featured on our blog, and we paid all expenses ourselves.