A Guide to Hiking the Deliana Gorge

January 2018 (Last updated in July 2018)

The Deliana Gorge, also called the Mesavila Gorge, is a half an hour drive away from the small town of Kissamos on the north-west side of Crete. Chania city is about an hour drive away.

You can choose to start the hike in the gorge from the Deliana village heading upwards, or from the Mesavlia village heading downwards. As we came by car from Kissamos, it was easiest for us to start the walk from Deliana.

Deliana Gorge sign car

It was about 2 p.m. when we arrived in the small village of Deliana. As we had not had lunch, we stopped by a taverna called To Faragi, which offered tasty and authentic Greek food. The son in the house was serving the food while his mother was doing the cooking. The son introduced us to the menu which was mainly composed of vegetable dishes as it was lunchtime.

We ordered what we thought were four small dishes, but when the food arrived on the table, it was anything else but small. We feasted on what turned out to be great Greek food in the rustic and charming garden of To Faragi.

Link to To Faragi

To Faragi Deliana restaurant

To get to the car park and the entrance to the gorge, we continued through the Deliana village and made a left turn at the sign for the gorge, about 300 meters past To Faragi. We then drove on a gravel road for about one kilometer. Our rental car, a small Peugeot, had no problems getting down this road.

As we arrived at the car park, we realized there were no other cars, so it looked like we would have a peaceful hike. In addition to plenty of parking spaces, there was also a water fountain, toilets and benches at the entrance to the gorge.

Deliana parking car

It was now almost 4 p.m., and as it was a hot day in late June, we braced ourselves for the heat in the gorge. However, it turned out to be a very pleasant hike as we walked in the shadow for most of the time. Our advice would therefore be to either do the hike early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Deliana gorge entry

Deliana gorge sunshine

The trail through the gorge is a gravel road that is easy to follow, and it is almost impossible to get lost. We followed the road for about two and a half kilometers until we reached a small mountain church with benches, tables and a water fountain outside. Had we continued further upwards we would have reached the Mesavlia village, but we decided to turn around and head back to the car.

Deliana gorge path road

Deliana gorge church

Inside the gorge, there were plenty of interesting things to see. The high rising mountainsides were bathing in sunlight, while vultures circled the skies. Butterflies were plentiful, and so were the goats. The quietness of the gorge was only interrupted by the sound of the goat bells.

We had quite a few photo stops, which meant that we spent almost one and a half hours on the hike covering a total distance of about five kilometers.

Deliana goats

Deliana gorge road goats

Deliana Gorge blue skies

A visit to the Deliana/Mesavlia Gorge is a great alternative to the more well-known Samaria Gorge. You do not need a full day to do the hike, and it is flexible in terms of how long you want to trek. The terrain is very accessible, and the hike is also suitable for families with children.

All in all, we had a great afternoon in the Deliana Gorge, and we enjoyed the peacefulness and the beautiful surroundings of the Cretan mountainside.

Deliana Gorge sunshine road

Deliana gorge flowers

*We hiked the Deliana Gorge in June 2017.

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